10 Things I Should Of Learnt Before I Was 21

Recently I have been on Holiday with my parents (more on that to come later) and have had more than enough time in our seven hour car journey to reflect on where I’ve gone wrong – thinking for a start – and things I wish I’d known beforehand. WOW hindsight is truly a wonderful thing (or so is advice from you family in my case). Anyway here are ten things I wish I had known earlier, and ten things I bet you wish you had too.

1. You’ll never be able to understand boys. They really are from a different planet!

2. Yet, relationships tend to work out better if you step back, chill out and ask your best mate for some advice before texting back.

3. There is a HUGE difference between friends & drinking buddies.

4. And drinking too much now seems like more of a chore than a pleasure because that hangover will last till Monday!

5. Periods are a blessing in disguise. For a start you get a week off.

6. Although, when you turn 21 you are always broody. Babies are everywhere you look.

7. It’s okay not to know everything. After all you’re only 1/4 even 1/5 of the way through your life.

8. So failure is an option. Not particularly a good one, but it’s still an option.

9. You never really do grow out of that baby fat.

10. Vegetables are cheaper than a chocolate bar, embrace the challenge.

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