10 White Lies Girls Tell You

I think that’s all that I need to say.

1. ‘I’m on my way’. Back to the wardrobe… 

2. ‘I have nothing to wear’. Right now… infact the trouble is, I have too many clothes to choose from. 

3. ‘I haven’t got any money’. My bank balance has only just got back to that figure and I was planning on treating myself instead. 

4. ‘I’m not hungry’. I don’t want you to judge me.

5. ‘You can look, but don’t touch’. No, you really can’t do either, and no that doesn’t mean I’m a crazy bitch it means you shouldn’t be liking X, Y & Z’s Facebook pictures. Oh yes I can see. 

6. ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. Unless I can persuade you to do it now for me by looking cute. 

7. ‘I don’t know’. I don’t want to disappoint you, especially when it comes to food. 

8. ‘It’s okay if you want space, I understand’. Have you gone off me or something? Wtf am I doing wrong. 

9. ‘I hate drama’. That I am involved in. Anyone else’s shit and I’m all over it- my opinion matters.

10. ‘I am on my period’. That’ll stop him. 

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