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Month: April 2013

Celebrity Colour Palette #4: Emma Watson

She is well-known for being our magic bit on the side while growing up but not all of us can magic up her good looks. Sporting a flawless complication and classy, yet sleek makeup combo at last months Peoples Choice Awards, everyone wants to know how to […]

Behind The Scenes #7

This recent photo shoot was a barrel of fun to say the least. I was asked along by POSE model agency to help out in a photoshoot to showcase designer Anoosh Naghibi current work, of course I said yes to the well-known LFW designer  The theme for the […]

Colour Splash Date Night Make-up Tutorial

Another tutorial over on YouTube for you guys to watch. Seeing as spring is around late evening walks with your Mr will be increasing so why not splash in a little spring colour in there to keep trendy and look amazing all day long. Beauty […]

Beauty 101: Bronzers

Bronzers turn our complexions from drip drab to fab with a simple touch. But not all bronzers are for everyone, there isn’t a universal bronzer for everyone- those with oily skin will find a bronzer isn’t really for them at all. Wither it’s a summer glow, contour or just a 3 […]

3 Minutes With: Virginie Kieken

Today’s Make-up Artist is a close friend of mine in the industry, she is an amazing Make-Up Artist. Since Finishing Make-Up School In September 2012 Virginie has run countless catwalk make-up teams and worked alongside the like of Dani Guinsberg. I think this girls is a super […]

Beauty Match Made In Heaven #1

With all that taming we do to our locks they can end up being damaged, dry and simply lifeless, completely opposite of what we wanted. If this sounds like you’re hair or in fact you want a little more shine get con this duo ASAP […]

The Perfect Cat Eye

Creating the perfect cat eye can be hard for all of us and in high demand in the make-up industry it’s a bugger not to get right. With a few simple steps and of course the help of make-up remover we can all master the […]

Behind the Scenes #6

The theme for this catwalk was Victorian masquerade, if you know me you know how obsessed I would be over this I love history! The designers and models were all part of a youth workshop in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery and theatre designers to create […]

Celebrity Colour Palette #3: Demi Lovato

Since making her mark on Disney Demi Lovato has made a name for herself as a one women superstar giving us new number one material with every hit. Since progressing her music career into the X-factor U.S Demi’s hair and make-up has been the talk to the […]

3 Minutes With: Lawson Wright Make-Up Artist

1.When did you decided you wanted to become an Make-Up Artist? I discovered my love for make-up and fashion at a very early age, but really got into make-up during my time at youth theatre school, where I realised I had a love for the […]