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Month: September 2013

What I Bought In September

It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of shopping when walking past your local boots, or department store, am I right? Well with the help of my friends, who I must say are like devils on my shoulders when it comes to shopping, I […]

The Five Product Autumn Make-up Tutorial

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon of the 5 product face look and bring you an easy to wear Autumn berry inspired tutorial. I am not a huge fan of wearing too much make-up so even 5 products can be a push, but […]

I’m Sorry

Hi everyone, This is just a short message to say I am so sorry for not being able to post for the last 4/5 days, I haven’t been completely MIA as I managed to film and upload a YouTube tutorial for you here yet getting round […]

Tea, Cake, Rain & Exercise

a) Me and my Nan went out for a Cuppa & Cake this week at Morley’s Garden Centre It was super yummy! I had beans on toast, victoria sponge cake and a pot of tea while she just had a late. b) I finally plucked […]

Lipstick Crayons Demystified

*picture from PhotoBucket because I was too lazy this morning to take my own* The world of lip crayons is overwhelming, with nearly every brand now having something to offer you where do you start? I love a good  lip crayon they can be easy to […]

Interview Over At Oh So Gawjess

Morning everyone, this is a quick post to say go on roll over to ohsogawjess.blogspot.com to check out a small interview I did the other day.

Make Up Your Lookalike TAG

I love Kirsten Stewart and get told often that I look like her, I think it could just be my moody face when I pull a strop, but never-the-less there could be worse people to look like. I think she is stunning through and through […]

What Was In My LFW Bag?

Waterspray Facial Mist: perfect for that ‘please bring me back to life I am so tired’ moments. Caudalie was a my one and only this week with refreshing elements and skin benefits this kept redness at bay. Flat Shoes: You can’t expect us all to […]

Secrets To Looking Good In Fashion Month

With London Fashion Week ended and Milan still to come, none of us have slept very well and we are all in need of a pick me up, or faking one, so we still look good for the final day. Mascara for opening up the […]

Another Maybelline BabyLips Review…

  Oh yes another blogger talking about Maybelline’s baby lips, you bored yet? I remember running to Superdrug on the launch date with my friends and snapping all six UK shades at 3 for 2. Apart from the quick mention I gave them when they […]