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Month: June 2014

Guide To Summer: The BB Creams

I don’t know about you, but I love a good multi-tasking product- especially in Summer. With the need to turn to light coverage, it is no surprise BB creams rise to the top of the market, with their easy- does-it methods. Depending on your needs, BB […]

#DailyMixNetwork Summer Event

As part of being involved with the Daily Mix Network, I am fortunate enough to go to events run by the crew which help me develop my skills for YouTube and also get to meet some amazing other Youtubers. Tuesday event saw us go over […]

The Outfit: She Made Me Do it

There is nothing more perfect then being able to have a shopping partner-in-crime that gets you. Amber & I (she was in a video here) have been best friends for near on 11 years, and there is no-one else I’d rather go shopping with – […]

The Trend: Festival Hairstyles

I don’t think you can ever prep yourself enough for a festival- I am talking about planning and packing- because everything changes when you get there. I remember my first festival, I had it all planned out and I was stocked up with dry shampoo, […]

This Weeks Best Dressed #2 : Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole’s return to X-factor has been long anticipated- as TV hasn’t quite been the same since she left. With filming underway, Cheryl has set the boundary high for the rest of the show, stepping out looking fabulous from day one, (I am never sure if her outfit & […]

Beauty Hacks: Lips

Lipstick may always look fabulous to start off with, but it can be a pain in the arse within a few minutes. There are a few tricks which have helped me keep a stable relationship with bright lipstick I am willing to share. I always […]

The Foodie Post: Nakd Bars

Snacks. We all eat too many of them, and they usually consist of the products we pretend we are ‘eating in moderation’ for our health- just one more biscuit? Minus this week- as I have been stuffing my face full of dairy filled goodness– I have […]

The Duchess of Cambridge

The other day (after a long 7 hour meeting regarding teeth- kill me now) me and a few girls from work, headed out to explore Windsor some more, seeing as we had trekked all that way, to see what it had to offer. We headed […]

The Edit: The Emergency Rimmel London Haul

It isn’t like me to forget anything. Okay that might be stretching the truth a little bit (my phone chargers run away from me, I don’t loose them), but where my makeup bag is concerned I don’t leave the house without it. In a short […]

The Product Review: The Eyeliner For Everyone

There has been such a buzz around this launch, I thought it was about time I spoke on the subject. Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner- you must have heard about it somewhere. As I said, there is a lot of buzz around this products and […]