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Month: August 2014

Beyond Beauty #12: Tigi Bed Head Launch Party

The Edit: Metaburn Blogger Challenge

We all know I love a good gym session, working up a sweat makes my frequent trips to the kitchen to cook up a storm seem more justified. With a little too much baggage around my bottom half I accepted a challenge I wouldn’t usually take. […]

Beyond Beauty #11: Mixology Masterclass

Abbi and I were invited along last week by Three, the mobile network, to a cocktail masterclass. Celebrating their new FREE data roaming package – I think I need to jet off as soon as possible- we got to mix up some traditional drinks from […]

Product Review: Greenland Fruit Emotions Hand Cream

Every year, around this time of year in fact, I start rambling on about hand cream and why it’s so important. I can’t stand the feeling of having dry hands, and with the weather turning, they’re bound to start drying out and causing trouble. So […]

The Weekend Post: Danish Wakeel SS15

Fashion month is fast approaching and with two roles to cover during those 30 days, the celebrations and events have started early and I am off out swanning around stocking up on the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2015. It isn’t fashion month just yet but […]


This title may be a tad mis-leading. I have in fact owned two pairs of Welly Boot’s before now (A child’s pair & a blue dotty pair when I was a teenager). However, I have never purchased them myself before. You’d think with a lifestyle […]

The Edit: Festival Friendly Skincare Stash

Hello, and welcome to the first (of many) Reading Festival posts- I apologise in advance. I am pretty sure it comes as no surprise to you that I am heading away for five days working at Reading Festival (I’ve mentioned it enough), but with high maintenance […]

The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #8: Natasha Hamilton

Natasha Hamilton is stirring up a storm in the media recently chatting about placenta’s, and all things baby. However, we need to stop talking about that and start talking about her style. Back in the day Natasha, along with the rest of the 1990’s gang, […]

Product Review: GOSH Giant Blusher

When I received the most recent GOSH collection in the mail, there was one product that caught my eye. I had seen this Giant Blusher out on the town (well internet) which influenced this post here. With great reviews it wasn’t long before I had […]

The Edit: If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

Everyone and their mum seemed obsessed over Bioderma back in the day. Well less than 365 days ago. But, with  the rise of high street Micellar Water and the complex missions you have to go on to hunt down Bioderma, everyone seems to be swapping. […]