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Month: October 2014

A Child of The Jago Launch

A few weeks ago, I was invited down on behalf of The Clothes Maiden, to the launch of the new Child of The Jago store in West London. If you want to know what I thought and everything that went on head over to here […]

The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #15 FKA TWIGS

Now FKA Twigs isn’t this weeks best dressed, or has she recently look stunning, but due to her relationship with the one and only Robert Patterson, I had to talk about her. I must have heard a few weeks after everyone else, as apparently it […]

Oriflame Beauty Triple Core Lipstick

Remember When I showcased some snaps from the #BloggersFestival event!? Among the many brands there, I managed to catch up with Oriflame and my pal Gary Cockerill, who I’ve met before on Jobs and events. Gifted with their new (or,now, recently launched) Lipstick in my […]

The Recipe For A Relaxing Bath

Relaxing after a long day or week is my top lifestyle priority. I find myself relaxing in many ways, reading a book, doing yoga, but most of all having a bath. Apart from the hygiene aspect which gets me a little crazy (nothing a good […]

10 Things To Do Before Autumn Is Over

With Halloween in sights and the clocks going back, its a clear that Autumn is nearly over. I decided to mix in all the videos I wanted to film this sunday and give you a bucket list of things to do before Autumn gets blown […]

Only Go To Claire’s Accessories For Phone Cases

By now, you and I have built up the kind of relationship where you understand my need to be nutty. I love to be out there and quirky, and when it comes to accessories -in particular, phone cases- I hate having to be boring. There […]

A Lesson From Pinterest: Halloween Nails

While I am away today painting nails for Topshop (Yes, I Know- cool right?!) I decided to showcase my favourite Halloween nail art from Pinterest. All I did was search in the description and have a rummage through all the photos. All of these designs […]

The Most Sought After Lip Combo: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a trend, but her lips, her lips are on another level. For month’s now all I have seen on blogs, YouTube and online media hubs, is tips on how to recreate Kylie Jenner’s 90’s lip. With all the tips and trick stored […]


A brow gel is that product we usually all forget, but wish we had because it’s so god damn necessary. For years I have always used trusty old clear mascara, and although it does the job, I find my brows get ‘crusty’ throughout the day. […]

Keeping Spots A Bay During Winter

During the Winter months, the battle for clear skin continues. After having some pot luck with my skin during Summer, I want to continue keeping breakouts at bay without putting in┬áto much effort in. I think I may have found the product –Quinoderm. Initially, while […]