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Month: December 2014

The Unconventional Left Over Turkey Recipes

The Unconventional Left Over Turkey Recipes

You all know I am a big foodie and I am an internet baby. This combination makes using Christmas day left overs a doddle. Although I am Vegetarian, I know most of you out there are running our of ideas of ways you can avoid […]

The Best Celebrity Looks of 2014

  Seeing as everyone and their dog’s seem to spending this week reflecting on 2014 ( I hold my hands up in shame ) I thought I would continue on this theme for one more day and use Celebrity Wednesday – this needs a better […]

Things I’ve Achieved This Year

I love having a good old nose through my photos, twitter and blog on a regular basis to inspire me to keep going on working hard. A tad pathetic, I know. With  the combination of my family’s motivational speeches, I have had a rummage through […]

New Year Makeup Menu

We are finally seeing the 2015 on the horizon – how did that happen? While everyone digs into their wardrobe to pull out their highest heels, I thought I would chat about the current contents of my makeup bag in prep for the celebrations. Most day’s […]

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Getting into the swing of filming videos again may take a few attempts, however, I eased myself back in with my eyes closed and got down to showing you what Santa delivered a few days back. There’s enough Kitchen Appliances to move out (yay), a […]

How To Shop The Sales

Being a fashion addict, the best thing after a Domino’s pizza is the boxing days sales. I always go shopping on Boxing day just for some fresh air of course -well maybe a few books too- but if I am heading into shopping mayhem I […]

Batman Is Back

Sorry for the lack of chatter recently, since starting my new Job everything has turned upside down resulting in a lack of posts and videos. To be honest, I’ve been to drained to even slap products on my face, let alone share them. I Know I […]

The Celebrity: This Weeks Best Dressed #20 Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2014

Victoria Secret isn’t just your average underwear shop, it’s a lifestyle. With the biggest live fashion show every year, you don’t just admire the clothes (if you can call them that) but you spend the rest of the year down the gym trying to look […]

Soap & Glory’s Brow Archery

If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a whole then you will know that my passion is brows. I have been through countless Rimmel Brow pencils, and Sleek kits in my time, so much so you don’t need to hear any more about them […]

Things To Do Before Christmas Is Over

  1. Go To a Christmas Markets. I have been fortunate to witness these markets in my home town and also London (however I would recommend avoiding London if you hate crowded spaces). But there is something magical about having a walk around in the dark […]