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Month: February 2015

Farmers Market’s To Must Visit In 2015

It’s no secret I love food (all you have to do is scroll through my Instagram and Twitter) it really is the way to my heart. One thing I adore more than anything else is fresh produce, if I could live on a farm and produce […]

New In: The Bookshelf

It comes as no surprise seeing as may as well get the award for biggest party girl in Essex – sarcasm – that on average I buy three books a month so I can spend my nights reading up on how to conquer the world. […]

Thoughts: You Learn Something New Everyday

Instagram: @beautybyemilyuk The past week has felt like I have been thrown back into high school against my will. Emotions, drama and not enough work – I feel like I’m doing my GCSE’s all over again. When you’re stuck not knowing whether you’re coming or […]

Home: Interior Design Inspiration #1

In an attempt to push myself towards to firmly signing the contract to a new home I decided to start creating moodboard’s of my goals regarding interior designing. Because I like to make the most of everything; space, fabric, storage, I am always feeling inspired because to […]

The Mid-Week Pick Me Up’s

– I’m not a morning person, but I am a Tea person.  I am sitting here typing surrounded my a strong black coffee, a can of red bull  and enough packets of sweets to feed an army just to get me to mid-day. This is […]

Why I’ve Decided Not To Attend London Fashion Week AW15

– Buy well, choose less & make it last … Vivienne Westwood  After a lot of thinking, and emailing to third parties offering my seats to friends, I have decided not to go to London Fashion Week. I know this is a huge Marmite situation […]

No Fuss Lipsticks

– Give a girl the right Lipstick and she can do anything. It took longer than expected for me to rummage through my nine muji draws (just for lipsticks) for four lipsticks – for ladies like myself who get up 15 minutes before they have […]

Thoughts: AW15 Predictions

– Fashion fades style is internal. I suppose this post is a tad late seeing as New York has already done its thing and fashion month in fully swing, but with 4 days til London, I’ve still got some time to make a few predictions. […]


Source l Surround yourself with those who make you better.  Although I think I was ready to turn 21 and finally leave behind Peter Pan and his crew, I was more concerned about spending time with the people who make me happy (that’s why I […]

New Spring Fashion Pieces

l there is no excuse not to splash out on yourself. I may be jumping the gun as they say, but after booking my holiday to Jamaica for April I may have started getting carried away and already picked up a few items. Now, I […]