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Month: May 2015

Ugly Trousers Are My New Vice

Since this photo was taken, I have been hunting through the high street for the ugliest trousers I can find to style. Luckily it’s the prefect time to purchase Z items because of the transitioning season, consequently I now own several pairs of printed joggers. […]

My Little Apple Family

I love technology, but I love Apple technology even more. Cliché or what? There has always been something about the crisp white finish and delicate keypads that have me swooning every time I see an Apple PC. Besides looks, the reason I turn to Apple […]

Can You Ever Really Forgive Someone?

Can You Ever Really Forgive Someone?

Forgiveness isn’t about forgetting what happened, it’s about accepting reality and finding a way to live with it. I don’t think it matters who’s let you down in the past – best friend’s, parents, or ex partner; we will never be willing enough to forgive. The […]

Get Flawless Foundation Thanks To Laura Mericer

Source Why hellooooo there Mr Foundation, please step inside my collection. Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fluid Foundation* is the new kid on the block, offering up it’s improved formula. It a long-wearing, oil free product  that you need for coverage with the moisture BB cream would […]

12 Items I Always Take Away When I Travel

It doesn’t matter if I am going away overnight or for a month I always manage to pack everything – including kitchen sink – into my hand luggage when I travel. Of course not everything needs to come along for the ride, however there are always […]


With 6,000 Button Badges made, I can now have my evenings back (time to start blogging). Even though I have a pile of products to review, and a to-do list as long as my arm – when did I become an adult? – I plan to […]

Loose Ends: Leaving Jamaica Early, Moving House, Spartan Race

For all you nosey lot who have been tweeting me asking where I am and also what been going on over the past month, here’s your answer. Grab a cup of tea because I am about to ramble on for 12 minutes about my awful […]


Since this product launched on the market, every time someone has asked me what product to try from the drugstore I have always pointed them in the direction of the Healthy Balance Powder because I trust the brand’s products. Last month, before I headed out […]


It happening… I am moving out! In less than two weeks I shall be snuggled up,  in my own place and trying not to get to excited every time I walk into my kitchen. Pictures to follow. Although I have been fortunate enough to move […]


Last weekend I decided not to venture too far from my comfort zone and visit Brighton for 24 hours. I have to say this was one of the best nights away I’ve had all year. I fell deeper in love, ate amazing food and got to […]