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Month: June 2015

LOreal Infallible Foundation: should you buy it?

Since this product hit the shelves early this year, it has been the one foundation I have seen on every blog to date. Because I was intrigued as to why so many women were putting down their trusted weapons and converting over to this new […]

Sunday Stroll Around Colchester, Essex

Last Sunday on Father’s Day the family and I headed to Colchester in Essex for another Southend Wind Orchestra concert. Colchester is one of my favourite towns in Essex. Not only was it my second home for a few years while I visited friends regularly […]


The past few days have been rubbish where the weather has been concerned. We’ve gone from beautiful sunshine – which I have been fortunate enough to use and abuse (hello tan) – to heavy showers and clouds. I find it so easy to switch back to […]

BBE TRAVELS : 6 Benefits of Living in Europe

The Medici Fountain – Luxembourg  Because I live on a large lump of floating land surrounded by four sea’s, it’s easy to forget that there are still so many countries right on my doorstep because I am part of Europe. Being part of Europe has […]

How Much Do We Hide From Our Partners

How Much Do We Hide From Our Partners

I will be the first to hold my hands up and say I don’t tell my partner everything, even if I know I should. Whether it’s about finances, ex’s, how you’re feeling and even your past, it’s easy to hold something back. For me, the […]

My Current Instagram Competition

I have decided to run an Instagram competition over on, well, Instagram. There isn’t much to it like any competition, it’s just I had a few too many products in my PR draw, and I thought you guys may want them. Am I right? All […]

Monday Morning Makeup: Why I Need To Wear It

If I have just come off of a night shift the following applies even more than on a regular Monday morning. Wearing makeup for me has always been a mask. I mean, I only tend to put it on if I need a boost or […]

All My Money Goes On Food

All My Money Goes On Food

Over the past month I have accumulated a number of receipts for food. Going from buying myself lunch everyday, to whipping up three meals has become a huge drain on my bank account. Since when was a weekly shop so expensive? Girl One: I spend […]


He may say ‘I told you so’ 362 days a year, but I wouldn’t trade in my Dad (even if he did run to a different country for seven years…) anytime soon. Only because I am meant to be polite to him for the next 24 […]

Seven things I hate about cooking

When I used to say I loved cooking, I never really took into consideration that cooking because I wanted to create a new dish or a great batch of Cookies was nothing in comparison to cooking three meals a day (and the odd one for […]