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Month: August 2015

I’m Living With A Boy – Help!

I’m Living With A Boy – Help!

What the hell was I thinking!? Okay, I know full well what I was thinking, I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up to someone you love every day, but still I can’t really get my head around what is happening right now. If you […]

I’m Still Here… Promise

It feels like forever since I sat down in front of a pc and wasn’t at work. If you have seen my last daily vlog you would know I have been back working day shifts, which consequently means I am slacking on the blog font. […]

That Trend Everyone’s Wearing

Oh yes, I went there too. I have been lusting for a suede skirt ever since Megan, from pagesofmegan first gave an insight to the trend on her Instagram. It took a while for my to pluck up the courage and purchase Z item because I […]

I Remembered How To Vlog!

Oh yes! You heard that right. After having a rather long break from YouTube while I moved and settled into my new house, I finally managed to find my SD card, sit down in front of a window and click record. Who knew it could […]

Tools For Tangled Hair

Ever since I was a little girl I have always hated brushing my hair. The reason for this boils down to the fact it bloody hurts. Because my hair is so thick, and also curly it is always in knots. I have now got a […]

Where Have I Been

So I may have been a tad MIA recently – and if I am honest, I haven’t even thought twice about my little blog until yesterday morning. I have been super busy doing, well not a lot, that I haven’t even opened my laptop of […]