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Month: October 2015

10 Things You Learn With A Puppy.

10 Things You Learn With A Puppy.

When everyone told me that getting a pupoy would be hard work, all I really imagined was a small ball of fluff falling in love with me, and being my friend for 20 years. I didn’t really understand – although I did think long and […]

Photo Diary: My Trip to Greece

I know I have been back in the UK a fair amount of time now – 2 weeks, 4 days (not that I a counting) – and I realised I haven’t shared my holiday photos online yet. Not even on Facebook! Although I only went […]

Halloween Make-Up Discounts & Collections

¬†I don’t think I have shared discounts with you for a while – I do apologise¬†*slaps hand*. Today I got six emails all about offers for the Halloween period. As all of them aren’t that interesting I decided to give them a delete as soon […]

Keep Your Summer Glow With That’s So Sun Makeup

You may remember me mentioning that I had used this product in preparation for my holiday to Greece. Well I am now getting ready to use it again so I can keep my tan (or as glossy magazines like to call in ‘glow’). That’s So […]

Meet Fetty, My Minature Schnauzer.

So I am back from Greece. Well I’ve been back a week but I’ve started a new job and honestly opening up my laptop was the last thing on my mind until this morning. I had a wonderful time in Greece but you will find […]

Bloggers Ultimate Travel Tech Kit

  When you’re a blogger it is hard to go away and not want to take your array of cameras, laptops and tech gadgets just so you can upload to seven different platforms a day while you’re away. This time around I wanted to keep […]

Loveholiday.com: Minos Imperial Luxury Spa & Beach Resort

  If you haven’t already guessed by the million and one blog posts and also photo stream on Instagram; I am on holiday in Crete with the other half. It took us a good week of looking every evening (and while at work) for us […]