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Month: November 2015

Another Year, Another Christmas Wishlist

  Adidas Superstar Gs. I must have sent the link to these shoes and several photos to my Dad since he asked what I wanted for Christmas. However, where is the harm in mentioning them again (and making them the statement photo) to get my […]

Taking Time Out

Although I have been off the internet for a while, and I’ve also had four days off work. I still haven’t had five minutes to myself until this afternoon. Crazy I know! Plus, I haven’t really achieved much – apart from a load of cuts […]

Lakeside’s 25th Birthday Blogger Photos

I know these photos are just over a month late, well properly a bit more, but the photos are too beautiful no to share. This was another blogging event I managed to drag Abbi along too, so we could enjoy a glass or two of […]

Instagram Trends: Bright Purple Lipstick

Now its about time I hold my hands up and admit to the world that I constantly have Instagram open on my phone/Ipad/mac for at least 4 hours a day. I understand this is an unhealthy obsession (only slightly unhealthy) however it does mean I […]

Disappointing Your Parents

Disappointing Your Parents

Not disappointing my parents¬†will always be a high priority in my life – even if I am 1/2 an adult (or pretending to be one). I know it’s a pretty much impossible task to keep both your parents happy most of the time, but that […]