New Years Eve: Expectations vs Reality

Even though I usually don’t tend to get up to much – or I get dragged along to some old folks party – I still somehow manage to hype up New Years Eve as ‘It’s going to be the best night of my life‘. Oh how wrong could I be. Seeing as this New Years Eve …

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Advice Fitness

The Best Lessons I’ve Learnt This Year

Is it cliché that I am already sitting here thinking about what kind of year 2015 has been for me? I know, I apologize already. I feel like for the past 365  days all I have done is ‘exist’ and ‘live’; I haven’t strived for much, or achieved a whole lot more simply because I decided …

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The Video

Another Video With The Bestie

After two and a half years I decided I would get the Bestie back on board to help me ease back into YouTube and help me make a foul of myself. This time around there was no awkward starts, no broken cameras but lots of laughter. Just a quick side note – my hair isn’t …

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