How to cope pressure efficiently

One thing I do too much is worry about what people think. I am pretty sure I am not the only one out there who does such a thing, but as a collective we all put too much pressure on ourselves to please others, and excel where people tell us we should in aim of …

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Home Inspo: Time to get excited

In 48 hours (and about 20 minutes) I’d be heading to my lock up to collect the bulk of my belongings to move them into my new gaff. I could actually scream.  For the past I’d say four weeks – if I was being honest- I have been scrolling through Pinterest looking at options for a …

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How to Travel When You Work Full-Time

Just because you work full-time and want to have a steady career at home, doesn’t mean you can’t go an explore the world and plan your own adventure. In fact I find always having small breaks fitted in between my work schedule more exciting and worth while because I appreciate it all that little bit …

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The Video Travel

Travel Diary: Alicante Snapshots #1

I’ve been a little bit MIA for the past week, well actually since I came back from Spain. now, that’s not because my detox put me off of the internet (trust me I doubt that all ever happen at all) but because I got caught up in the whirlwind of catching up with everything at …

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Advice Fitness

I’m 22: Things To Be Grateful For

  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling… I’ll stop now before we both end up in a Taylor Swift sing off. I thought it would be nice to sit down and list  reasons to be thankful for seeing as everyone – particularly my parents – have gone above an beyond at some point …

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Career Lifestyle

Mindfullness & the Full Time Job

If my dad is good for anything it’s buying some bloody good books. Okay, I may have asked him to by me the Mindfulness book last year after an Estee Button video but I thought I’d give him a little credit anyway. You think I’d be old enough by now to just purchase my own …

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Time Out: Changing My life In Spain

Everyone goes through a stressful time every now and then, and I think while we are all still 20 something it’s a whole lot harder. When you’re in your Teens you’re pretty much solidly in Education so you’re worries tend to be limited to that aspect of your life. When you’re in your thirties you’re …

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