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Month: May 2016

A Cheeky Haul: Lipstick’s, Contour’s & Homeware

I warned you all (and myself) that I would end up going on a shopping spree this weekend. I bloody knew it! Matt asked me Saturday to head into town and help in buy some new clothes, of course I said yes along as he […]

New Look Workout Clothes

I have been a New Look Fan girl for quite a while, in fact since I was about 16 when I could actually fit into their clothes. So I was shocked to find they were one of the last High-Street brands to launch their own […]

How 20 Somethings Really Spend Bank Holiday’s

How 20 Somethings Really Spend Bank Holiday’s

When I found out this weekend included a Bank Holiday, so many ideas came flooding to mind… BBQ’s, Shopping, Sunbathing & Pub lunches. I mean thats how we all plan to spend our Bank Holidays isn’t it? Well in reality that never happens. Okay, I […]

Bank Holiday Deals

The Bank Holiday is nearly here, well by the time this posts goes up we will be way into Friday and already thinking about how we are going to spend our extra day off. I vote housework. Every public holiday my inbox gets swamped with […]

Race For Life 2016, Southend-On-Sea

Last weekend, actually I think it would be a fortnight ago now (#badblogger) I took part in my first ever Race for Life UK. If I am honest with you I wasn’t really sure what to expect – so much so I dragged my best […]

Cannes 2016 – Hot Mumma!

Cannes 2016 – Hot Mumma!

I think I must have switched off this past week with everything going on as I completely forgot it was Cannes until I saw some cheeky Instagram post of my favourite influencers yesterday. Keeping in mind I am usually quiet quick to report up after […]

5 Things You Miss When You’re Away

5 Things You Miss When You’re Away

Over the past month I think I have totalled only 6 days at my house. That may not be correct but with holidays and house sitting duties, I haven’t been as loyal to my bed as I should have been. I have noticed that although I […]

Apple Watch Sport Review

I have now owned four, different brands, of sports watch over the past two years. My latest, and final sports watch is the Apple Sports Watch. Apart from being an extension of your mobile like the traditional watch is designed for, the sports watch features a […]

How To Do Fathers Day Correctly

Although Fathers Day is just over a month away, I have already seen some great products land to spoil your Dad this year. I am pretty sure each year I tend to just grab some sweets and tell my Dad I love him rather than […]

The Only Places You Need To Visit In Budapest

I realised since going to Budapest a few months back I haven’t actually shared with you my photos let alone any thoughts. Budapest was what I expected, and also something I couldn’t even imagine at once. The buildings were traditional, the country divided by obvious wealth […]