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#20SomethingRuns: VLM Training Day

On Saturday I attended my first Virgin London Marathon training event with my chosen charity Cardiomyopathy UK. The day was so much more than I was expecting: I learnt new running techniques, pro tips for running a marathon and I left feeling as though I was part of a team. I’ve already started sharing my …

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Take A Chill Pill

Taking time off can be a bugger. I’m not talking about taking time off work, because that’s always a blessing – I mean taking time off from everything else, including things we enjoy. Recently I was told by my GP to slow down and take some time off. In the moment, these words sounded like …

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#20SomethingRuns: 10 Thoughts I Have When Running

Running is becoming a huge part of my life. Whether I am stressed; upset, training or simply just craving the great outdoors, lacing up my running shoes and heading outdoors still gives me butterflies. Long runs are perfect for practicing mindlessness and reflection. However, when I’m not trying to find my inner Buddha here is what …

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