2020 Life Update

So here I am again after quitting blogging last year trying to come back and pick up where I left off. I could use the whole life got in the way excuse or I grew up and out of blogging but both would be a lie. I gave up it was that simple.

Lets go back to 2019.

The last time I wrote on this website was 2018 after completing Swim Serpentine. That was a bloody hard race! By the time I got in the water at 3pm the water was thick from hours of swimmers churning up mud while they swam so it was like trying to swim in custard but it was also FREEZING! So within half a mile my chest was tight and I thought wtf am I doing. After that race I took time off till the new year and then started training for my final London Classic event – Ride London.

I also started training for the Chicago and Berlin Marathon which I had book in for 2019. However by May 2019 I had to take 8 weeks out of training following three operations in the space of 1 month (PCOS is a bitch). So when it came to Ride London I was moderately trained, I mean I could easily ride for 60 miles so how hard could the extra 40 be? Well, I ended up in the back of an ambulance after collapsing just after the halfway mark -my heart could just not take it!

I decided after that race, after I collected my London Classics medal (one of my big three goals) that I would not continue to complete all the Marathon Majors before I was 30. Without sounding dramatic – it would kill me. My heart couldn’t take the training so I would avoid it, then go full steam ahead with the event and suffer with the consequences. I was also adding anxiety to my family & partner who just couldn’t watch the viscous cycle continue.

So that’s why I stopped blogging. I had nothing to share. I haven’t done anything for the whole of 2019. I lost myself.

That brings us up to date.

Today I am sitting here writing a blog post because I just want to start again. I am currently in the process of converting my Nissan Micra into a mirocamper ahead of buying a Van so I can travel while maintaining my current role at our software company.

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