#20SomethingRuns: Marathon Update #3

Marathon update time!! These weekly updates are really helping to highlight the improvement I am making and consequently motivating me to do better.

I have decided that these will now go live just before the weekend on Thursday/Fridays, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

This week has been all about working through delayed onset muscle soreness after Sunday’s long festive run.

I took Monday off running and working out to give my calves some TLC by using my foam roller on multiple occasions and managed to fit in a short yoga flow that focused around downward dog variations.

Tuesday I was back at it running 2 miles and fitting in a high intensity leg strengthening session at the Gym. I find adding leg and glute press variations to the end of my run reduces any post workout soreness.

Wednesday was upper body day. I completed a 30 minute 10k on the spin bike and followed up with a wonderful back and bicep routine put together by Lloyd.


Thursday after watching Rogue One Lloyd & I ran 3 miles indoors followed by a quick leg session to build my booty!

The weekends agenda was 3.5 miles and another spin session. My life seems to consist of Cardio 24/7 at the moment.

Hopefully I can also fit in a pilates hour tonight as I had planned to do this over the weekend as Lloyd was on night shifts, however I decided to decorate the flat while I had a free house!
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