#20SomethingRuns: Marathon Update #6

Fitness / Friday, January 13th, 2017

I have Glandular Fever.

Wednesday after work I headed to my GP as I was suffering from another episode of Tonsillitis (shocker) and walked out with instructions to rest as much as possible because my blood test results made it clear that I was suffering from more than just Tonsillitis, I had developed Glandular Fever. My first thought was ‘FUCK! I am screwed’ however after sleeping on the news I decided to not let this get the better of me as I’m not giving up on my Marathon dream.

Taking a step back I stuck to simple Cardio on Thursday with a lunchtime spin session, I took it slow and steady but at least I did something!

Friday was Lloyd’s birthday and knowing I had no time to fit my run in after work before we had to head out to dinner I planned to get up at 6am and fit in an early morning run. The word ‘Had’ was the only problem – I slept through my alarms.

I spent Saturday moving house and unpacking and by 5pm I was absolutely shattered, so spent the evening carb loading and reading My Pace Not Yours by Lisa Jackson ahead of Sundays Run.


Finally it was time for my Long Slow Run and I’d even persuaded Lloyd to come out and join me – Bingo! After deciding during the week that I am going to amend my Marathon Strategy to Run/Walk (run 1 mile walk 1 minute) I was stoked to test it out. Everything started out great as it always does but 2.5 miles in I started flagging and consequently getting annoyed at myself because I knew deep down this shouldn’t be happening and by the time I got to my next walk section I was nearly asleep! At this moment instead of just turning home Lloyd and I decided to halve the miles for the day and run 5 instead so my body didn’t overload.

Monday was scheduled to be a rest and strength training day but because I was feeling up for it I ran 3 early morning miles on 2 large cups of coffee. I found a 1/2 mile and mile lap route round my blocks which makes each run feel more manageable – once you’ve conquered the hill- it’s like having my own personal mile markers in a race. After work I headed to the gym for a upper body workout because I am determined to improve my back and core muscles before London Marathon.

Tuesday was run day so I continued to run another 4 miles with Lloyd at my side for support. I love having him as my personal pacer!

I finally decided to have a rest on Wednesday and just do a 10k row during my lunch break and a quick leg session at the gym after work. This isn’t your typical rest day I know, but with Running being my main focus any day without at least a 5k is a rest for me.

Wednesday I decided it was time to increase my midweek runs to 10k (6 miles). This was hard as I had spent the whole day flagging and not feeling 100% but I managed the miles and I couldn’t be happier.

Today I’m sticking to the spin bike doing a easy 10k recovery cycle. Although I enjoyed the rowing machine I find I use more energy and as I am planning to run 10 miles again on Sunday I want to keep everything simple to conserve energy.

Training with Glandular Fever is tough but not impossible. For me I find the lack of motivation the hardest part because I know that I am flagging quicker, running slower and I’ll need a nap once I am done, so its easy to make excuses. However, knowing that the end result is me crossing the finish line in London for Cardiomyopathy UK is worth it all.

I refuse to let myself down.

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