#20somethingruns VIRGIN’S LONDON MARATHON!

Fitness / Thursday, October 20th, 2016


I am so excited to share this post today as this is something I have been dreaming off since my pre hip injury days 4 years ago. Yesterday I finally got the call from Cardiomyopathy UK that I was able to take a charity place in the London Marathon 2017! I was ecstatic dancing round the kitchen and telling Lloyd all night that I had my first place in such an iconic event, for a charity so close to home.

My Grandad was diagnosed before I was born with Hyperthropic Cardiomyopathy – an inherited heart disease with no cure. Thankfully with funding and research there are ways a means to control symptoms and prevent complications, which means I get to keep my old man around a little bit longer. Thus, I am more than happy to help and support Cardiomyopathy UK.

Virgin’s London Marathon is only six months away, yes SIX– oh god help me – so I plan to start my conditioning today. It is so important to condition your body for maybe 2-4 weeks before you start intense training to build up your stamina, and this doesn’t just include increasing your running length; it also requires Glute and Ab workouts for a strong foundation. Fact: the biggest cause of a stitch is weak Ab muscles.

I plan to share weekly progress updates with you to keep myself on track and be able to look back on how far I have come in six months time, so please keep an eye out!

I finally reached my 2016 goal of running 2 marathons next year as part of my 2,017 miles in 2017!


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