23 Lessons I Have Learnt

Advice, Lifestyle, Relationships / Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
I haven’t written or had the urge to write anything on my blog for quite some time. I have been going through a rough patch recently so I took a step back to re-evaluate everything. I still have some more work to do, however after taking some much needed time off and celebrating my 23rd birthday at the weekend I thought I would do the yearly cliche of reflecting on 23 lessons I have learned now that I have another year under my belt.
1. Less is more and de-cluttering feels fantastic.
2. Quality over quantity is actually a thing you will start to care about.
3. Life is too short for worrying about your weight.
4. Take time off every now and then for the sake of your physical and mental health.
5. Listen to your body.
6. Find a hobby that keeps you active.
7. You can say no, and learning when and were to give a f*ck will change your life.
8. Money isn’t everything so do what you want to do as long as you can live comfortably.
9. True friends will tell you things you don’t want to hear. Don’t get mad, accept their love.
10. Investing in a property may feel like a constant drain on your resources but you’re actually setting yourself up for life.
11. Pets are like having children, so think before you get one.
12. There is always one person at work that will never like you – just smile your way through it.
13. Make use of your lunch breaks and do something you want to, rather than pondering round the shops or scrolling through Facebook.
14. Take the media with a pinch of salt, but make it your routine to educate yourself about what is happening in the world.
15. Your parents are still always right no matter how old you get.
16. Actions speak louder than words, so just get out there and do it!
17. Killing people with kindness always works. Be nice and you shall be rewarded because karma is real.
18. Ordering your food online with a supermarket is the future.
19. Show gratitude to those around you. You may just make their day.
20. Turning off your social media notification will reduce your stress because you can live in the moment and get through your to-do list quicker.
21. Don’t ever knock an evening in with your partner and a cup of tea.
22. Good luck flows where energy goes. If you put your mind to something the law of attraction will work in your favour.
23. Time with your family is limited so do what you can to see them.

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