5 Clues That You Should Change Jobs

Career / Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Most of us go to work because we need something to get us out of bed in the morning.

It’s easy to fall into a routine when you’ve been doing the same job for years, so much so that you don’t want to change anything.

If you’re thinking about leaving your job, or even if you’re wondering if you should just go window shopping for a new one, ask yourself if you fit into more than one of the following categories. If life was meant to be simple, they would give you a manual.

1. You think you’re not being appreciated by the right people.

2. There is no development opportunities.

3. You’re not being challenged.

4. If your current job isn’t in the right industry for you.

5. If you’re unhappy.

One Reply to “5 Clues That You Should Change Jobs”

  1. I have been am unqualified teacher for close to 8 years. The school I work in promised to put me through my teacher training this September, however half way through the year they took that option away from me their words were “you’re good just not good enough” doesn’t matter that I have recently just finished putting a year 11 bottom set class through a GCSE and a bottom set year 9 though a foundation BTEC dance year.
    I’m gutted. They interviewed for a new Dance teacher and weren’t going to tell me. They did the interviews on the day I wasn’t at school as it was my grandfathers funeral.
    I have never been so angry.
    I just need a change now. I’m not happy and they keep saying you applied for a certain job you don’t get to come in and change, be happy you have a job.
    I’ve cried so much it’s unreal. I go above and beyond what I’m actually employed to do which is cover supervisor. They just don’t get it.

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