5 Things You Miss When You’re Away

Fitness, Uncategorised / Friday, May 20th, 2016

Over the past month I think I have totalled only 6 days at my house. That may not be correct but with holidays and house sitting duties, I haven’t been as loyal to my bed as I should have been.

I have noticed that although I have Wifi (yay), my Laptop, Instagram and a cup of tea wherever I go, I tend to miss the more, less obvious, items and flaws of my house.

So here they are; (please do not judge me too much, because I know you feel it too)

  1. My dressing gown. Silly, I know but I love just getting home and being a big purple dinosaur.Unknown
  2. The Shower pressure. So this may not be as much as a miss, but more of an envy as my shower pressure is awful, but I do tend to miss and think about my shower while doing my business.
  3. Unsuncreamed Iphone. This is from when I went away last, however getting sunscreen on your iPhone, or worse getting sunscreen and sand on your iPhone is the most irritating thing ever!
  4. Your Toilet. You just need your comfort zones to do your thing- you get me?
  5. The smell of your washing powder.

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