6 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Bra

Advice, Fitness / Friday, September 23rd, 2016

I have always seen my small cleavage as my biggest weakness. This sounds silly, yes, but the media these days makes us feel inadequate if we don’t have a rack like Kim K.

Since I started actively practising self-love (that sounds more raunchy then it really is) I have learnt to get over the fact that my cleavage is nonexistent and ditch my bra’s. Well more conventional bras – I still occasionally wear Bralettes.

I can think of six reasons why you should ditch your bra, een if your busty, and embrace what you’ve naturally got.

  1. You no longer have to put up with the underwire digging into your side.
  2. Bralettes are comfortable, sexy, simple, and perfect.
  3. It feels liberating to free your nipples.
  4. Its quicker to get ready in the morning as you don’t have to faff around picking a bra that you wont see through your blouse.
  5. Your boobs become perkier over time as your muscles are working to keep them up.
  6. Your boobs sweat less. Like seriously hot days at no longer a problem.

and did I mention it feels freaking amazing!!!

Try it. Honestly, we all love that feeling when we get home and take our bras off and tie our hair up so why not do it everyday? I dare you.

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