6 Things I Want To Acommplish Before 2016 Is Up

Lifestyle / Friday, October 14th, 2016

Last night I laid awake thinking (and watching YouTube) about all the things I still haven’t accomplished. Stupid, I know. However, I now have six ‘goals’ I am striving to achieve just before I kiss my way into 2017 with a whole new action plan.

  1. Have at least 2 Marathons booked for 2017. I already have the Southend Marathon in mind I just need to take the plunge and pay, but I would love to achieve a Charity place for another.
  3. Have a photo shoot. I am really in the mood for a mass photo shoot for pictures for my blog, YouTube, Engagement & just family memories.
  4. Sit down and read my outstanding book collection. I recently had a massive clear out of books, yet kept a few that I hadn’t had time to read yet in the hope I will. Once I’ve managed this, I can gift them on and continue my de-cluttering system.
  5. Save £2,500. this seems like a lot, but with simple changes and smart saving it’s possible I can do this before December 31st so why not accept the challenge?
  6. Go away for the weekend. A night away somewhere that requires a mini road trip, sound bliss!


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