Wagamama’s Winter Menu!

Food & Recipes, Lifestyle / Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Working with Voice Communications & Intu Lakeside is always full of perks – my favourite? Getting to try new Wagamama’s menus!

I’ve mentioned before that Wagamama’s is one of my favourite restaurants, so will always blow their trumpet when I can. For me, Wagamama’s is always a treat because it’s rare that a) I get the opportunity to trek to Intu Lakeside for dinner and b) get to go with my nearest and dearest.

This season Wagamamma’s have released three new dishes onto their menu:

1. Hirata steamed buns – taiwanese street food. The veggie option was my favourite which consisted of fresh tomato bun and mixed mushroom and panko aubergine.


2. Bang Bang Cauliflower . This is a side dish of crispy cauliflower coated in delicious firecracker sauce. finished with ginger. It’s honestly AMAZING! I’d give anything for this to be added into the next Wagamama’s book – hint, hint.


3. Shiitake Donburi a traditional japanese dish meaning ‘rice bowl’ topped with a veggie omelette. This dish is rather deceiving as boy does it fill you up.


So Amber (the bestie) & I, along with two other bloggers Chelsey and Luce tucked into their new dishes last Tuesday for a mid-week treat.

The night was super relaxed, we were given a chance to just enjoy the food and be left alone to chat about the dishes and dig in. I can’t express how much of a breath 0f fresh air this was for a blogging event.

The food was scrummy, so-much-so I managed to finish a plate of Chilli Squid, my share of the new dishes and of course we decided to round the evening off with dessert – I picked Passion Fruit Cheesecake and Ice cream.  It’s safe to say I went home full!

wagamama-new-menu-lakeside-vibblogger-intulakesideOf course I want to say a huge thank you to Voice, Intu Lakeaside & Wagamama’s for feeding me, the food was absolutely phenomenal and the company was great too! I’ve barely eaten since! Check it out at your local Wagamama’s this winter!

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