2014. Unhappy — 2015 Runner — 2017 Triathlete — 2018 Marathoner.

Hi, I am Emily. A 24 year old Property Manager, living by the Seaside in sunny old Southend, training for my 2nd Marathon & First Ironman. Running doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s bloody hard and my body never responds well but with enough hard work and some late nights, I am proof that anyone can run a marathon if they have enough willpower.

My goal is to run all marathon Majors before I am 30. That means running a PB marathon time of 3hrs 31mins just to qualify for Boston. 5 Hours less than my current time. Shit!

I started this blog along time ago when I was travelling round the UK as a Make-Up Artist and as I grew it slowly transitions into a place where I could document my journey from being overweight to running my first Marathon.

Now, its a fully fledged diary of a dreamer who will one day be not only a world marathon major medal holder, but also a Ironman Champion.

I share everything from my training schedule, workout, race recaps and kit reviews as well as lifestyle posts just to keep everything interesting.

I hope you like what you see on this blog, but if you have any requests of recommendations, please get in touch.