Adidas City Runs 1hr Challenge

I feel like at the moment all I am doing is writing Race recaps, however when I looked at my training diary I realised every Sunday’s run at the moment is a race! Have no fear because I get three weeks off soon so you’ll find out a little more about my training for Ride London and Ironman.

On Sunday I took part in the first Adidas City Runs 1hr Challenge at St Paul’s on behalf of Great Ormond Street Charity. As I have mentioned before on various channels, I am raising funds for GOSH this year as my three-year old Brother is currently under their care for leukemia and honestly, I haven’t got a bad thing to say about the hospital or its staff – they are just fab.

Sol and I had been out the night before so only managed to get 4 hours sleeps before the alarm went off and we had to head into London. The race was in waves but seeing as I was an affiliated runner (member of the UK Athletics – not sponsored) I was in wave one which meant we had no choice but to get the 7am Train into London.

When we arrived it was raining heavily and I was beyond grumpy! I had been sick twice (no I wasnt hungover – I didn’t drink) was freezing cold and desperate for my bed. However, we managed to find a coffee shop that was open and grab a cup of tea and Croissant so I had some fuel in my system.

I didn’t have a game plan for this race apart from see how far I could go. Yet once I crossed that start line I was yearning to beat my PB of 5 miles in 59 minutes. The course was a one mile lap with markers every 0.1 of a mile which meant it was beyond easy to track how well or not I was doing.

My heart rate spiked within half a mile to over 200BPM and my eye sight started to wave so I was forced to slow down and take walking breaks. I decided to use the timing markers as my walk break so was never walking more than 0.1 miles at a time.

The Adidas runner squad were at the 0.7 mile marker along with GOSH which spurred me on every lap. When I first saw the GOSH team I got a little emotional I am not going to lie because all I could think about was how brave Charlie is each and every day. It reminded me why I was running and why I was determined to do my best today just so I could go back and tell him all about it. I also got to meet and high-five some of the Adidas runners that inspired me to run  4 years ago.

When I got to my 4th lap I knew this was my final chance to make it round the course before the claxon went off as I had 10 minutes remaining. I reduced my walking and upped my pace as comfortably as possible. I decided there and then it would be nice to make it to 4.7 miles and even when I pulled over at the halfway mark and grabbed some water to avoid being sick I knew it was possible to reach my target.

I reached 4.7 miles with three minutes to spare and knew if I kept going a PB would  actually be in sight. I turned my final corner just before the 0.9 Mile marker with 22 seconds left and just sprinted as hard as I could. I made it about 20 yards from the final mile marker when the claxon went off which was heartbreaking but still left a smile on my face. I honestly couldnt of given any more if I tried.

I headed to the finish line to get my medal and grub just as the next wave were doing their warm up. We decided to keep my legs moving and explore London a little bit in a bid to find a restaurant for some food. I am so glad we chose to do this rather than jump on the tube because not only did I not seize up we found SO MANY Harry Potter film spots and little story plaques down the back lanes of London.

We headed home a few hours later and the minute I sat down on the train I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until it stopped. I was most definitely sleep deprived!

I loved the concept of this race and would sign up without hesitation if they were to do the event again next year. I am hoping by then I will be able to do 10k in under 1 hour so my result rank will be higher.

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