Adidas’ London Marathon Training Kit Review

Fitness, Lifestyle / Monday, May 1st, 2017

In hindsight buying the London Marathon 2017 training kit two months before the race wasn’t the smartest of ideas seeing as I didn’t run but I don’t regret it one bit. Running the London Marathon is a dream that I will not give up on, and having this year’s kit (even if it was a failed attempt) gives me spoonfuls of motivation every time I wear it.

I am a very impulsive person so when I saw the offer at Silverstone Half Marathon this year I was already at the till buying the kit before I had even thought about what happens if I couldn’t make it to the starting line. I suppose the Charlie (The Runner Beans) theory about jinxing your race by wearing the finisher’s kit will now stick in my mind.

The kit itself comes up perfect. I risked a size medium in the Adidas Running Shorts and was surprised when they fitted like a dream – even with my “thunder thighs”. When running these shorts do not ride up, meaning you can feel comfortable and not worry about flashing your knickers! The fabric also repels sweat so doesn’t stick to your legs on longer runs.

The second item I purchased was the “London Marathon Jacket” in Black. I love the bomber style of this jacket and decided to opt for the black option rather than blue so I could wear it out and about more as it will match with everything! It’s a lightweight fabric that’s easy to style and great to snuggle into after a race before your body temperature crashes.

I know there was a lot more in the collection featured at the expo, so expect a HUGE haul next year when I manage to make it to that god damn starting line!

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