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Fashion & Outfits, Fitness, Running / Saturday, November 11th, 2017

The weather quickly changed here in the UK last week; the clocks went back and then BOOM! The bitter cold, wet weather hit the country meaning all us runners started freezing our tits off during our morning runs. So, last weekend I packed away my shorts and tanks back into my kit draw and stacked my wardrobe shelves with my thermal leggings and Autumn/Winter pieces.

My favorite pieces have to be from the Adidas Climaheat collection. It may be a little bit more on the pricey side compared to other brands, however, the range seriously does what it says on the tin!

These Climaheat tights (£89.95) are super comfortable, with a built-in water-repellent and wind-resistant layer to keep you toasty. The mesh inserts offer you some style to the traditional black leggings, as well as the functional aspect – allowing air to circulate – which is why I believe they are a must-have item.

Also from the Climaheat range, I just LOVE these new Climaheat Supernova Wrap Jackets (£74.95). I picked up my first Climaheat Jacket last year as I needed something with a little more technology behind it to stop me freezing during late night Marathon training, and now I am addicted. The Climaheat technology traps your body heat to keep you warm while you run, but what caught my eye about these new Supernova Warp Jackets is the off-center zip creates an overlap of layers in order to maximise warmth.

As far as T-shirts are concerned I have just swapped out my short sleeve t’s for longer, more thermal items. My collection has grown over the years but I always (if I can wash it quick enough) try to grab my Nike Relay Running Top. There is no real reason why other than I just like the way it feels when I run. It does not cling, yet is not baggy. It doesn’t soak up sweat like a cotton top does. And, well, it looks pretty!

Everything else like shoes etc stays the same. I am still running in my Brook Addiction 12 trainers, I just make sure I wear thermal running socks, rather than my normal everyday pairs.

I would also recommend investing in a hat, scarf, and gloves. Buff Bandana Scarfs are brilliant at keeping the wind at bay. You can either use them as a scarf or headwear if your ears get a little bit nippy, or keeping your hair away from your face! However, as long as you’re warm it doesn’t matter.

I’d love to know what products help you battle through winter training, or are you a treadmill gym junkie? Let me know in the comments below!

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