Bank Holiday Bake Off: FlapJacks

Food & Recipes / Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

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I have been craving flapjacks for over a week now, that’s a lie, I have been craving boots oat flapjacks for over a week now. Trying to get fit (and failing over this bank holiday weekend) I decided to avoid boots and get my bake on, making my own flapjacks as a sweet treat.

I switched some of the ingredients around to try to reduce calories ( I think I failed on that too) using Muesli, Honey, Sugar and low-fat Butter.  Melting all the ingredients- minus the oats- in a saucepan until they were all well mixed, I poured my oats in, gave it all a stir, then popped the sticky mixture in oven to cook. I was greeted 15 minutes later with the smell of hot flapjacks.e

I thought everything was going well, but you can see by the final picture, my mixture, after cooling, was too sticky and didn’t set correctly. Minus that small problem the flapjacks tasted fabulous and for my first attempt I am a happy bunny.

If you have any heathy snack recipes I would love to know them.

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