Beyond Beauty #11: Mixology Masterclass

Fitness, Food & Recipes / Sunday, August 24th, 2014

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Abbi and I were invited along last week by Three, the mobile network, to a cocktail masterclass. Celebrating their new FREE data roaming package – I think I need to jet off as soon as possible- we got to mix up some traditional drinks from countries that support their free data roaming package.

First up was France, and with some Baff popcorn in my bag (thank you Dad for picking some up last week), it was time to learn the art of the French Martini. The French martini takes its name from the style of drink it is, a martini, and the French spirits and liquors used. The original recipe uses only three ingredients, which gives equilibrium between the flavours. The black raspberry liquor Chambord that has hints of vanilla, which create a strong berry flavour that is complimented by a pressed pineapple juice. Or so I was told.
In the Boston Tin we added 3/4 measures of Vodka3/4 measures of Chambord liquor and 1  measure of pressed pineapple juice. Topped with ice and shaken like a Polaroid picture (I am now singing) everything was one so quickly. 

My favourite drink of the night was the ElderFlower Juelp. The origin of the Julep is based around the Middle Eastern custom of infusing mint and sugars into soft spirits. The Elderflower julep, which we made, is a modern twist on the traditional cocktails adding the Elderflower cordial  to sweeten the gin, then mint and fresh apple juice makes this bitter drink a more refreshing summer cocktail.
To make this drink (which I will be doing again) you need, 8 10 Mint Leaves1 Lemon wedge, 2 measures of Gin, 1 measure of Elderflower cordial and 1 measure of Apple juice. Chuck  all ingredients in with crushed ice then taste test to make sure you’ve got the balance. This drink is not only my favourite for the test, but also it is so effortless to throw together.

Over the course of the whole evening we threw, well I threw everyone else poured, four traditional cocktails together before we were let loose to create our own. Armed with Vodka (my favourite) the team and I made a rather lovely – if I say so myself- cocktail from 2 measures of vodka, 1 measure of Elderflower cordial, 1 measure of Apple juice and the juice from a lime for an added kick. Poured into a traditional Martini glass, rimmed with sugar and filled with blueberries, we may not have won the popularity contest with our drink, but we sure did win the taste test!

*Another huge thank you to Three & Arena Media for inviting us along*

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