Beyond Beauty #9: August Book Lust List

Fitness / Sunday, August 10th, 2014


Unless I am feeling beyond my regular forgetfulness, you will never find me without a book. Due to my over following bookshelves, I have the paper beauties dotted everywhere (I’ve even know to have three in my bag at once). Although I am currently reading my way through my last haul, I am already toying with the idea of courting some new editions.

Phillipa Gregory has a new book out and it needs to be mine. If there is on author that could sell me anything it would be her. Mixing in my favourite topics, Tudors, Sex and Drama Phillipa just can’t go wrong. Her new book The King’s Curse is all about life after the War of the Roses where everything in history starts to calm down, but not enough to let the rebellions and back stabbing stop.

Keeping the theme of History & Drama (can you tell I have a niche?) the wonderful Ken Follett has released another book in his current Trilogy called Edge of Eternity (The Century Trilogy) which has left me counting down the days til it’s release. Ken Follett is an amazing writer, although his books take triple the amount of time to read.

The final book that has caught my attention (or at least the last one I’m going to mention) is the The Book Thief. Recently this book has been given a lot of press attention due to its movie debut, but being me I didn’t go see the film just because I haven’t read the book yet. Yes I’m one of those- unless you’re talking Harry Potter. I am dying to read it but have had a trouble finding it in store to buy. Yes, I know I could buy it online, but I am very loyal to my local bookshop (I’ve only purchased a book somewhere else twice).

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