Brick Workouts Make You Feel AWESOME!

Fitness / Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

They may leave you drained, sweaty and contemplating never doing a triathlon but BRICK workouts in the long run make you feel awesome!

First off, let me explain what a BRICK workout is.

A brick workout refers to the stacking of two disciplines during the same workout, one after the other with minimal to no interruption in between. As you switch modes of exercise, your body needs to effectively and efficiently prepare for the next demand while recovering from the previous exercise demand. Your heart rate increases significantly as your body tries to shift the blood flow from the muscles of the first exercise to the demands of the muscles of the next. Brick workouts help your body handle the aerobic, anaerobic, and muscular demands of a triathlon event.

I have recently started completing BRICK workouts in order to give me a base for my upcoming “Urban Triathlon with Balance Festival” and also the help me making the beginning steps to entering an “Iron Man” – which I will complete before I am 25!

At first the thought of completing a BRICK workout was daunting. Giving my all for one exercise during training can sometimes be enough to wipe me out for the rest of the day, so to add another discipline where I have to give everything I’ve got left from my empty tank felt crazy.

As I am already a runner (I use the term loosely as I feel like I have a long way to go before I am running at my best) I decided to try my hand at being a Triathlete (that sounds amazing) – I added cycling in order to complete my Urban Tri in May then deal with swimming later. Also, Cycling tends to make up the biggest chunk of many triathlons.

I started off adding cycling in on my rest days by completing a nice easy 30-60 minutes on the bike. Once comfortable I started adding 15 minute cycle increments before my runs until I felt comfortable enough to start a workout plan.

The reality is now that it takes a while for my body to ‘click’ into action after changing but once I am in my rhythm I feel fantastic!

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