Camera Gadgets Actually Worth Purchasing!

Advice / Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Imagine me as a Magpie and the Camera Shop as a Jewellers. I never walk out empty-handed. However, most of the things I have bought spontaneously haven’t been worth it and I only end up using 10% of them. With a ring light currently on my Amazon wish list I decided to declutter my camera collection and only keep what I use.

Getting rid of my cameras themselves was the hardest part because I have an emotional attachment to all of them even if they are 17 years out of date and still take film. In a bid to only keep what I use I have been left with my Go Pro Hero Session 5; Canon 600d and Canon EOS M mark 1 – all of which I use. My Cannon 600d is for filming and blog photos. My EOS M mark 1 (I am forever lusting after the mark 3) for everyday blogging and, of course, when I travel around as it’s the perfect compact DSLR. My Go Pro is used for running. Everything else was sold, donated and recycled.

Then I was left with all the little nick nack gadgets and tripods.


After asking Lloyd for a GoPro accessories kit for Christmas, I went through all of the attachments and kept everything I needed for my triathlon and  obstacle racing. If you have a Go Pro of any type its definitely worth picking up accessories on Amazon because they have a mount these days for everything so you’ll never be lost. My favourites are the Head, Chest and Hand mounts.


Ever wondered how people get perfect running photos on Instagram without having to carry round a chunky camera? iPhone Tripods!! Yes, there are such things as tripods for mobile phones. I picked mine up in Primark of all places and haven’t looked back since! It’s so easy to fold up and store in your flip belt or jacket pocket until you need it. If you’re feeling thrifty, grab your selfie stick and attach it to your everyday tripod!


Apart from my spare batteries and SD cards the only other camera accessory I kept was my remote control. I have lost three wireless remote controls  from moving house before so I’ve had to purchase a traditional corded remote control that plugs into the side of both my 600d & EOS M simply so I can have the freedom of taking self portraits and filming without any help once again. Getting a remote control for your camera is as essential as your camera itself in my opinion and for £5 on Amazon it’s most certainly worth giving it go.

The only thing missing from my collection? A RING LIGHT! The reason I am lusting over a ring light is purely so I can improve my product and flat lay photography. Getting the perfect lighting for this kind of photography can be a bitch with box lights as they a) take up so much room restricting your mobility and b) they are notorious for shadows.

I know I shouldn’t be asking after going through this declutter, but… what are your most used Camera Accessories?

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