Can You Ever Really Forgive Someone?

Forgiveness isn’t about forgetting what happened, it’s about accepting reality and finding a way to live with it.

I don’t think it matters who’s let you down in the past – best friend’s, parents, or ex partner; we will never be willing enough to forgive.

The bottom line is we always put ourselves first.

It sound’s crazy, but it wasn’t until I was sitting down having my morning chat over day-time television that is occurred to me; you have to desire to forgive someone, and how can you get that fire for someone who isn’t meant to hurt you but has?

Forgiveness is not a one-time decision but rather a daily process.

Being willing enough to forgive someone means you have to acknowledge, accept and vent all of the anger, pain, and what ever else you’re feeling along the way before you even start getting over ‘it’.

And what is ‘it’ you’re getting over? Your opinion, your feelings, your failure to control the situation. The list is endless and  you can never expect to become a master.

I’ve spent my morning reading through various articles about ‘how to forgive someone whose hurt you‘, trying to find a counter argument for my opinion but everything I have read is bull-*. You can move on – even be thankful X did Y to you because it was for the best – but you’ll never forgive them, because that resentment is there to stay every time you get reminded of that situation, no matter how over ‘it’ you seem.

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