Lets Talk About Cankles

Advice, Fitness

Cankle noun a woman’s fat or swollen ankle whose flesh merges unattractively with that of the calf. Until quite recently I have always had Cankles. Unlike some people who develop medical problems which cause swelling around the ankles, my cankles were inherited from my beloved Grandma’s & Mum and until today were my biggest insecurity. I‘ve always wanted to be one of those girls that could wear ankle boots with dresses but not once had the confidence to do so as boots would either cut in, or just look stupid. However not long ago […]

24th August 2018

I’ve Finally Found My Purpose

Advice, Lifestyle

When I was younger everyone used to ask me “Emily, what do you want to be when you grow up?” and of course (like everyone at that age) every time I gave a different answer because I never really knew what I wanted do for a living. Since becoming and adult (I use that term […]

13th February 2017

23 Lessons I Have Learnt

Advice, Lifestyle, Relationships

I haven’t written or had the urge to write anything on my blog for quite some time. I have been going through a rough patch recently so I took a step back to re-evaluate everything. I still have some more work to do, however after taking some much needed time off and celebrating my 23rd […]

8th February 2017

Camera Gadgets Actually Worth Purchasing!


Imagine me as a Magpie and the Camera Shop as a Jewellers. I never walk out empty-handed. However, most of the things I have bought spontaneously haven’t been worth it and I only end up using 10% of them. With a ring light currently on my Amazon wish list I decided to declutter my camera collection […]

10th January 2017

Top 5 Free Calender’s for 2017!

Advice, Lifestyle

I love a free printable! What I love even more is free piniterest-worthy printable calendars. I can not explain how much I love to organise and plan my day, week, month and year. As it stands at the moment I have: – A one-week per page handbag sized diary. – A one-day per page A5 […]

14th December 2016

How To Effectively Pay Off Your Credit Quickly & Save!


Credit cards and store credit seem perfect in the moment but six; seven, eight months down the line when you’re trying to pay everything off quickly so you can focus your money elsewhere, i.e Christmas, they become a pain in the arse. Paying credit off can be easy to achieve even on a low-income. However, you […]

18th October 2016

Covering your Tattoos for Photo’s

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up

I thought it was about time I spoke about something beauty and makeup related for a change as I have seemed to have drifted from this path a lot lately. Last Friday I was sitting down with Jenny nattering about life, makeup and weddings – particularly how so many women try to cover up their […]

26th September 2016

6 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Bra

Advice, Fitness

I have always seen my small cleavage as my biggest weakness. This sounds silly, yes, but the media these days makes us feel inadequate if we don’t have a rack like Kim K. Since I started actively practising self-love (that sounds more raunchy then it really is) I have learnt to get over the fact […]

23rd September 2016

How To Revamp Your CV

Advice, Career

Our world as Twenty something’s revolves around money. We want to: move out, buy a house, get a new car, travel the world, go on holiday, buy clothes our parents disapprove off, go out with the girls every weekend, and settle down with our other halves. So when we get made redundant, or hand in our notice without thinking, […]

19th September 2016