Unfit Essex Girl vs Bear Grylls

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness

Remember when I did my first Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research? Well, shortly after said event, I signed up (without thinking) to Cancer Research & SU2C’s Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Race. Try and say that when you’ve had a drink. I still think it’s a good idea as I love a good challenge, […]

12th August 2016

The Best Bloggers on Snapchat

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness

Snapchat has blossomed from an app you used to send ugly pictures to your best mates on to something we now use to communicate to one another, instant message on and show others the more personal side to our life. Bloggers of course have used this to their benefit to gain more traffic, offer sneak […]

2nd June 2016

How To Kill Time on A Plane

Advice, Travel

I am currently writing trying to write this post from a 1980s style Hungarian PC on our boat. This may not sound like much but not only does my grandmother run faster than this but also my keyboard is all back to front! So guess what, we made it to Budapest in one piece. Although […]

9th March 2016

I’m 22: Things To Be Grateful For

Advice, Fitness

  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling… I’ll stop now before we both end up in a Taylor Swift sing off. I thought it would be nice to sit down and list  reasons to be thankful for seeing as everyone – particularly my parents – have gone above an beyond at some point […]

4th February 2016

My January Wallpaper & Becoming Minimalist

Advice, Fitness

What’s the saying? New year new me? Well, you get the idea anyway. This year for me it’s time to start putting my dreams, feelings and thoughts first and take the plunge and stop relying so much on other people. Especially my parents because they’ve got dreams of their own. For me this means it’s […]

16th January 2016

5 Steps To Make Wearing Makeup Easy

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up

Even now, after spending three years -four if you count blogging/youtube/keeping up to date with my contacts-  I still get makeup wrong. Sometimes three shades too wrong (thanks Dad for pointing that out). However, even if I do mess up and have to redo my winged eyeliner six or seven times I find applying makeup […]

12th January 2016