The Morning After The Night Before.

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up

You may not have been as naughty as me, and consequently you’ve woken up fresh and ready for the New Year (or woken up hangover free at least). It’s days like today, where you don’t have to make any excuses as to why you’re curled up in a ball, with Make-up from the night before […]

1st January 2016

The Best Lessons I’ve Learnt This Year

Advice, Fitness

Is it cliché that I am already sitting here thinking about what kind of year 2015 has been for me? I know, I apologize already. I feel like for the past 365  days all I have done is ‘exist’ and ‘live’; I haven’t strived for much, or achieved a whole lot more simply because I decided […]

29th December 2015

8 Things I Am Looking Forward Too.

Advice, Fitness

First things first…HOLIDAY, HOLIDAY, HOLIDAY. I am heading to Greece in 1 week 3 days and I couldn’t be any happier. This is a much-needed break, in a beautiful country I’ve never been too, that’s worthy of a million photos with the guy I’m head over heels for. Sorry,not sorry. I ordered myself a new […]

19th September 2015

I’m Still Here… Promise

Advice, Fitness

It feels like forever since I sat down in front of a pc and wasn’t at work. If you have seen my last daily vlog you would know I have been back working day shifts, which consequently means I am slacking on the blog font. I used to think when bloggers used to say how […]

20th August 2015

Where Have I Been

Advice, Fitness

So I may have been a tad MIA recently – and if I am honest, I haven’t even thought twice about my little blog until yesterday morning. I have been super busy doing, well not a lot, that I haven’t even opened my laptop of at least a week. Come to think of it, i’m […]

8th August 2015

My Current Technology Wishlist

Advice, Fitness

Camera accessories and pizza are pretty much on par with each other. There is something perfect about capturing and creating the perfect photo. Thus, I am forever looking at camera accessories for my little ones, and this time around while I was hunting through one of the best camera stores… Amazon, I decided to create […]

29th July 2015

Internets Guide To Waking Up Pretty

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up

Every girls wants to wake up pretty, it would save us a good few hours in the morning and maybe earn us a cheeky kiss in the morning. I decided to rummage through the internet and find the tip five ways to waking up pretty – and no, this doesn’t mean going to sleep with […]

27th July 2015