8 Things I Am Looking Forward Too.

First things first…HOLIDAY, HOLIDAY, HOLIDAY. I am heading to Greece in 1 week 3 days and I couldn’t be any happier. This is a much-needed break, in a beautiful country I’ve never been too, that’s worthy of a million photos with the guy I’m head over heels for. Sorry,not sorry. I ordered myself a new […]

I’m Still Here… Promise

It feels like forever since I sat down in front of a pc and wasn’t at work. If you have seen my last daily vlog you would know I have been back working day shifts, which consequently means I am slacking on the blog font. I used to think when bloggers used to say how […]

Where Have I Been

So I may have been a tad MIA recently – and if I am honest, I haven’t even thought twice about my little blog until yesterday morning. I have been super busy doing, well not a lot, that I haven’t even opened my laptop of at least a week. Come to think of it, i’m […]

My Current Technology Wishlist

Camera accessories and pizza are pretty much on par with each other. There is something perfect about capturing and creating the perfect photo. Thus, I am forever looking at camera accessories for my little ones, and this time around while I was hunting through one of the best camera stores… Amazon, I decided to create […]

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