My Back To Work Skincare Treats

Beauty & Make-Up

Originally when I planned this blog post, it was going to be all about what makeup I was slapping on my face in the New Year heading back to work. However, in light of my new years resolution to cut make-up out of my life and love what mother nature gave me, there is no […]

4th January 2017

Covering your Tattoos for Photo’s

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up

I thought it was about time I spoke about something beauty and makeup related for a change as I have seemed to have drifted from this path a lot lately. Last Friday I was sitting down with Jenny nattering about life, makeup and weddings – particularly how so many women try to cover up their […]

26th September 2016

My 1st Sephora Haul & Shopping Experience

Beauty & Make-Up, Travel

If I am analysing my blogging stats correctly, most of you reading this post would have already been to Sephora multiple times and repurchased X, Y and Z. But me; 20 something, make-up loving, blog fanatic,  Make-up Artist me, has never been. Until today. The family and I were taking a stroll through Cartagena – […]

15th August 2016

Unfit Essex Girl vs Bear Grylls

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness

Remember when I did my first Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research? Well, shortly after said event, I signed up (without thinking) to Cancer Research & SU2C’s Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Race. Try and say that when you’ve had a drink. I still think it’s a good idea as I love a good challenge, […]

12th August 2016

New Matte Lipsticks by Revlon!

Beauty & Make-Up

They have finally launched in the UK!! I first saw these on the Revlon Instagram last year when they first launched in the US and fell in love. I mean how couldn’t you? Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (that’s a mouthful) are available in six shades – hopefully this will extend sooner rather than later […]

21st June 2016

My New Tattoo & Hold Ups

Beauty & Make-Up

Its true what they say… Once you have one tattoo, you’ll be addicted. Last month I managed to grab a cancellation appointment with Sofie at low tide tattoos to have another piece added. Seeing as it took me two years to decide and design my first tattoo, it was a little bit of a shock […]

18th June 2016

What to do with a spare room

Beauty & Make-Up

So since ***** upped and moved out I have been pondering over what the hell to do with the spare bedroom in my house. Do I leave it and shut the door on what was; do I finally have a walk in wardrobe of dreams (well a minimalist dreams), or just turn it into an office? […]

14th June 2016

The Best Bloggers on Snapchat

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness

Snapchat has blossomed from an app you used to send ugly pictures to your best mates on to something we now use to communicate to one another, instant message on and show others the more personal side to our life. Bloggers of course have used this to their benefit to gain more traffic, offer sneak […]

2nd June 2016