How To Revamp Your CV

Advice, Career

Our world as Twenty something’s revolves around money. We want to: move out, buy a house, get a new car, travel the world, go on holiday, buy clothes our parents disapprove off, go out with the girls every weekend, and settle down with our other halves. So when we get made redundant, or hand in our notice without thinking, […]

19th September 2016

Save Money With A Capsule Work Wardrobe

Career, Lifestyle

When you live on your own you seem to have to make a whole load of scarifies to keep one foot infront of the other. Less nights out. Less eating out. ALOT less shopping. You get the idea, and I am sure understand too. Therefore, when I moved out I cut all of these out […]

20th June 2016

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated At Work

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It can sometimes be hard when on average a person can only focus for 90 minutes at a time, to sit in front of a PC screen for eight hours, five days a week. I mean how do you stay motivated to keep going? Sometimes I quick walk around the office does the trick, however […]

16th June 2016



Working for yourself, or for a company as a freelancer can sometimes be a pain in the bum. You never really know where you stand in the whole picture, however you always want to be in it. From working as a freelance Make-Up Artist for a while, and of course blogging nowadays I have a […]

6th June 2016

My 1 Month Bullet Journal Review

Career, Lifestyle

I came across the bullet journal while scrolling through YouTube Videos about Organisation and minimalism in the related videos tab. Being someone who makes use of 2 diaries, 3 note-book and my iPhone calendar I thought it would be worth adding another notebook to my repertoire to see if I could cope with having everything in […]

2nd March 2016

How to cope pressure efficiently


One thing I do too much is worry about what people think. I am pretty sure I am not the only one out there who does such a thing, but as a collective we all put too much pressure on ourselves to please others, and excel where people tell us we should in aim of […]

22nd February 2016

How to Travel When You Work Full-Time

Career, Lifestyle, travel

Just because you work full-time and want to have a steady career at home, doesn’t mean you can’t go an explore the world and plan your own adventure. In fact I find always having small breaks fitted in between my work schedule more exciting and worth while because I appreciate it all that little bit […]

16th February 2016

Mindfullness & the Full Time Job

Career, Lifestyle

If my dad is good for anything it’s buying some bloody good books. Okay, I may have asked him to by me the Mindfulness book last year after an Estee Button video but I thought I’d give him a little credit anyway. You think I’d be old enough by now to just purchase my own […]

3rd February 2016

Revamp your CV for Winter


This year I am lucky because I am finally in a Job I don’t want to change any time soon. However, I know for many people (my friends included) that this isn’t the case and statistically this is the time of year most people quit their job and start a new career. If you’re planning […]

6th January 2016