I have been spending a lot of time on my iPad recently due to commuting everyday for the past  two weeks with a ton of work to do. I bought my iPad nearly two years ago (yay time for a change soon) to use as a computer from home, but it wasn’t until recently, when […]

20th September 2014

Beyond Beauty #11: Mixology Masterclass

Fitness, Food & Recipes

Abbi and I were invited along last week by Three, the mobile network, to a cocktail masterclass. Celebrating their new FREE data roaming package – I think I need to jet off as soon as possible- we got to mix up some traditional drinks from countries that support their free data roaming package. First up […]

24th August 2014

The Weekend Post: Moo Free Chocolate

Fitness, Food & Recipes

There are plenty of vegan and dairy free chocolates being forced on to the market, which help people like me get their chocolate fix without all the aggro of scoffing down the equivalent of a pint of milk. I stumbled upon Moo Free Chocolate when I was in my local health store picking up ice-cream, […]

16th August 2014

Beyond Beauty #9: August Book Lust List


Unless I am feeling beyond my regular forgetfulness, you will never find me without a book. Due to my over following bookshelves, I have the paper beauties dotted everywhere (I’ve even know to have three in my bag at once). Although I am currently reading my way through my last haul, I am already toying […]

10th August 2014

Beyond Beauty #8 The 100 on E4

Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness

The 100, another programme to add to the ever growing list of TV shows Luke has made me watch and I have fallen in love with. Without giving to much away in this post, this programme offers a blood, sweat and bombs wrapped up in a large sci-fi blanket. Season one is currently being shown […]

3rd August 2014

Stuffed Peppers 3 Ways

Fitness, Food & Recipes

Before we get started, I want to let you know I don’t do stuffed peppers the normal way. There is no real cooking involved, I hate roasted peppers, but love them raw. Stuffed peppers have become a snack and occasional dinner in my routine, offering me a savoury treat with a sweet taste. I have […]

2nd August 2014