How To Prepare For An Obstacle Race


I have been training for my third obstacle race for around a month now, but with under six weeks left till the big day, I’ve stepped up my training ALOT and focused on nothing else in my spare time. Obstacle races have become a huge thing in the UK, with more and more people entering each […]

8th September 2016

Trainer Tales: Adidas PureBOOST X Review

Fashion & Outfits, Fitness

I don’t think I’ve ever done a review of trainers before, but I can not get enough of these Adidas Boosts ever since I purchased them. These trainers have been all over my Instagram feed for a while, especially during the Rio 2016 Olympic games as they were the showcase (or should that be “shoe-case”?) trainer […]

5th September 2016

The Perfect Picnic

Fitness, Food & Recipes, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Even though yesterday I was banging on about how you should start dressing for September in a bid to wish away Summer, today I’m talking about picnics. How contradictory.  I love picnic’s (and BBQ’s); you tend to be surrounded by a shit-tonne of food, people you care about and, it’s always a laugh. Yesterday, Lloyd, […]

4th September 2016

National Relaxation Day


I’m not sure where I read this, however today is (apparently) National Relaxation Day. Thus, who only knows why I am sitting at a Laptop writing, instead of  sitting in front of the TV in my pants with a Domino’s Pizza? I mean come on… it’s Monday too! I love being relaxed. Who doesn’t? For […]

15th August 2016

Unfit Essex Girl vs Bear Grylls

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness

Remember when I did my first Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research? Well, shortly after said event, I signed up (without thinking) to Cancer Research & SU2C’s Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Race. Try and say that when you’ve had a drink. I still think it’s a good idea as I love a good challenge, […]

12th August 2016

Sunday Musings.


This weekend has been a little lack lustre in a perfect kind of way. Does that even make sense? I haven’t blogged in a while – stating the obvious I know- however, being an adult has just got in the way. My days are turning into nights before I’ve even had my second cup of […]

7th August 2016

#20somethingruns: My First Colour Run


I feel like I have been away for donkey’s years but I have had so much going on with the other half buying a house and my operation I have just not had a moment to myself. Thus, I am going to ease myself back in lightly to this whole malarkey by sharing with you […]

4th July 2016