My Superfood Supplement Stash

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Since I started posting my smoothie recipes on Instagram alot of you wanted to know what I was adding to help fight my symptoms of PCOS & of course kick start my metabolism for the day. Rather than constantly repeating myself on a daily basis I decided that I would just pop a list of […]

24th July 2018

The Road to Prudential Ride London

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Ride London is under a month away now and for once I am actually feeling prepared for an event! Prudential Ride London has been nominated the best novice cycling festival in the world. Starting in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the course then takes you on a 100-mile route on closed roads through the capital, before heading […]

13th July 2018

Wagamama’s Winter Menu!

Food & Recipes, Lifestyle

Working with Voice Communications & Intu Lakeside is always full of perks – my favourite? Getting to try new Wagamama’s menus! I’ve mentioned before that Wagamama’s is one of my favourite restaurants, so will always blow their trumpet when I can. For me, Wagamama’s is always a treat because it’s rare that a) I get […]

4th December 2016

The Perfect Picnic

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Even though yesterday I was banging on about how you should start dressing for September in a bid to wish away Summer, today I’m talking about picnics. How contradictory.  I love picnic’s (and BBQ’s); you tend to be surrounded by a shit-tonne of food, people you care about and, it’s always a laugh. Yesterday, Lloyd, […]

4th September 2016


Food & Recipes

I discovered Wahaca early this year and fell in love. Founded by Thomasina Miers, this restaurant has a mexican market vibe that’s, fast, friendly and of course yummy. I have been multiple times now and have never been disappointed – this could be because Guacamole puts me into a food coma. Everything is sourced locally […]

18th July 2015

DIY: Gooey, Free-From Brownies

Food & Recipes

I would choose a Chocolate Brownie over pizza any day of the week – and that’s saying something. This year I was introduced to another great free-from recipe for Brownies that had five ingredients: 500g of free-from chocolate, 1 bag almond meal (basically ground almonds), 3 eggs and 225g of butter and 225g of Sugar (or […]

11th July 2015

Seven things I hate about cooking

Fitness, Food & Recipes

When I used to say I loved cooking, I never really took into consideration that cooking because I wanted to create a new dish or a great batch of Cookies was nothing in comparison to cooking three meals a day (and the odd one for my friends along the way). Although fending for myself hasn’t […]

20th June 2015