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How To Stay Healthy At Christmas!

How To Stay Healthy At Christmas!

Overindulging at Christmas is something that I guess 90% of us worry about. It’s so easy to just have one more Miniature Hero or an extra serving of veggies on Christmas Day because ‘Christmas only happens once a year’. So how do you stay healthy […]

Wagamama’s Winter Menu!

Wagamama’s Winter Menu!

Working with Voice Communications & Intu Lakeside is always full of perks – my favourite? Getting to try new Wagamama’s menus! I’ve mentioned before that Wagamama’s is one of my favourite restaurants, so will always blow their trumpet when I can. For me, Wagamama’s is […]

The Perfect Picnic

The Perfect Picnic

Even though yesterday I was banging on about how you should start dressing for September in a bid to wish away Summer, today I’m talking about picnics. How contradictory.  I love picnic’s (and BBQ’s); you tend to be surrounded by a shit-tonne of food, people […]


I discovered Wahaca early this year and fell in love. Founded by Thomasina Miers, this restaurant has a mexican market vibe that’s, fast, friendly and of course yummy. I have been multiple times now and have never been disappointed – this could be because Guacamole […]

DIY: Gooey, Free-From Brownies

I would choose a Chocolate Brownie over pizza any day of the week – and that’s saying something. This year I was introduced to another great free-from recipe for Brownies that had five ingredients: 500g of free-from chocolate, 1 bag almond meal (basically ground almonds), 3 […]

My Current Instagram Competition

I have decided to run an Instagram competition over on, well, Instagram. There isn’t much to it like any competition, it’s just I had a few too many products in my PR draw, and I thought you guys may want them. Am I right? All […]

Seven things I hate about cooking

When I used to say I loved cooking, I never really took into consideration that cooking because I wanted to create a new dish or a great batch of Cookies was nothing in comparison to cooking three meals a day (and the odd one for […]


Last weekend I decided not to venture too far from my comfort zone and visit Brighton for 24 hours. I have to say this was one of the best nights away I’ve had all year. I fell deeper in love, ate amazing food and got to […]

Coastal Bite Southend-On-Sea

It’s Saturday, so here’s another foodie file for you. Sam and I love good food, and what makes a meal out even better? When it’s local and fresh. Coastal Bite is a local restaurant located on Southend Seafront that offers fresh, homemade, quality food. Even […]

PHOTO DIARY: Zizzi Ristorante in Chelmsford

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to get hungry as this happens to be the most Pinterestable food I’ve had this year. I am pretty sure whenever Sam and I jump in the car we end up heading somewhere that sells food. I am blaming this on […]