My Morning Smoothie Recipe

There is no hiding that I have a sweet tooth and I have been hunting for healthy alternatives to curve cravings. That’s how I got into smoothies. After a few hours browsing Pinterest, and many attempts in the kitchen, I have found an equilibrium between the correct ingredients and the ones I really want. Ingredients […]

The Sushi Man UK

Damn I do love my food. Since working in London – and thus being cornered into eating more than just my regular sandwiches – my palette has tweaked, forming a fire to try out new things, including cooking.  This is a huge change from the girl who had a set diet of Pizza, Spaghetti Hoops & […]

Mule Energy Bars

When I am running along the beach or burning off my breakfast at the gym, I prefer to eat something solid to get my energy back up rather than gel shots. There are a lot of energy bars for runner’s and sportsmen alike, but most cater for our sweet tooth’s with high calories. When Mule Energy […]

Sugar Detox: Slim Fruits

I know after Halloween, you have scoffed as much sugar as I have -which is way to much. After getting into the habit of eating naughty snacks, its always hard to switch back, but thats where these sweets come in. Designed as a snack, these low calories, sugar free sweets are the perfect thing to […]

Jaffa Cake Cookies

Look, I’ve been back in the kitchen cooking. This time I decided to give my usual Chocolate Chip Cookie’s a little help in the dating department, and add some orange to their look to swoon everyone. This all came about because I wanted Jaffa Cakes, but had unfortunately eaten a whole packet -the only packet […]

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