Amira Pure Basmati Rice

Rice, for me, makes the perfect garnish to a side salad, or protein dish. I used to sit and eat Uncle Ben’s Rice one after the other round my Uncles, so when I was contacted to try this Pure Basmati rice to test out some recipes I had to say yes. The rice came fairly […]

Beyond Beauty #12 SHAKE SHACK

Last week, during our trips to London (I promised not to mention why again after Friday, but you can guess) Hannah and I headed down to Covent Garden to grab some lunch from Hannah’s favourite Burger bar. I have never eaten in Covent Garden before, but Hannah recommended her favourite and I decided to give […]

Stuffed Peppers 3 Ways

Before we get started, I want to let you know I don’t do stuffed peppers the normal way. There is no real cooking involved, I hate roasted peppers, but love them raw. Stuffed peppers have become a snack and occasional dinner in my routine, offering me a savoury treat with a sweet taste. I have […]

The Duchess of Cambridge

The other day (after a long 7 hour meeting regarding teeth- kill me now) me and a few girls from work, headed out to explore Windsor some more, seeing as we had trekked all that way, to see what it had to offer. We headed off with a checklist to find the perfect post-work place. […]

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