Amira Pure Basmati Rice

Food & Recipes

Rice, for me, makes the perfect garnish to a side salad, or protein dish. I used to sit and eat Uncle Ben’s Rice one after the other round my Uncles, so when I was contacted to try this Pure Basmati rice to test out some recipes I had to say yes. The rice came fairly […]

26th September 2014

Beyond Beauty #12 SHAKE SHACK

Food & Recipes

Last week, during our trips to London (I promised not to mention why again after Friday, but you can guess) Hannah and I headed down to Covent Garden to grab some lunch from Hannah’s favourite Burger bar. I have never eaten in Covent Garden before, but Hannah recommended her favourite and I decided to give […]

21st September 2014

Beyond Beauty #11 Low Calorie Brownies

Food & Recipes

I didn’t intend to make low-calorie brownies, but with a vegan recipe and no soya milk to help and the urge to cook it had to be done. The reason these are low-calorie, is just because I used natural sweeteners and ingredients such Agave Nectar and Cacao powder, rather than processed products. Even though these […]

14th September 2014

Recipes: Honey & White Chocolate Fudge

Food & Recipes

I have always been a feeder. I love baking, but hate eating the stuff (just because I tend to react to a lot!) and until my step-mum came along a few years back, I was the biggest feeder going, but that women knows how to bake. Lucky for me, Claire had the day off work and I […]

7th September 2014

Beyond Beauty #11: Mixology Masterclass

Fitness, Food & Recipes

Abbi and I were invited along last week by Three, the mobile network, to a cocktail masterclass. Celebrating their new FREE data roaming package – I think I need to jet off as soon as possible- we got to mix up some traditional drinks from countries that support their free data roaming package. First up […]

24th August 2014

The Weekend Post: Moo Free Chocolate

Fitness, Food & Recipes

There are plenty of vegan and dairy free chocolates being forced on to the market, which help people like me get their chocolate fix without all the aggro of scoffing down the equivalent of a pint of milk. I stumbled upon Moo Free Chocolate when I was in my local health store picking up ice-cream, […]

16th August 2014

Stuffed Peppers 3 Ways

Fitness, Food & Recipes

Before we get started, I want to let you know I don’t do stuffed peppers the normal way. There is no real cooking involved, I hate roasted peppers, but love them raw. Stuffed peppers have become a snack and occasional dinner in my routine, offering me a savoury treat with a sweet taste. I have […]

2nd August 2014

The Foodie Post: Nakd Bars

Beauty & Make-Up, Food & Recipes

Snacks. We all eat too many of them, and they usually consist of the products we pretend we are ‘eating in moderation’ for our health- just one more biscuit? Minus this week- as I have been stuffing my face full of dairy filled goodness– I have found the perfect snack which fits my dairy and wheat […]

21st June 2014

The Duchess of Cambridge

Food & Recipes

The other day (after a long 7 hour meeting regarding teeth- kill me now) me and a few girls from work, headed out to explore Windsor some more, seeing as we had trekked all that way, to see what it had to offer. We headed off with a checklist to find the perfect post-work place. […]

18th June 2014