10 White Lies Girls Tell You

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Women. I think that’s all that I need to say. 1. ‘I’m on my way’. Back to the wardrobe…  2. ‘I have nothing to wear’. Right now… infact the trouble is, I have too many clothes to choose from.  3. ‘I haven’t got any money’. My bank balance has only just got back to that figure […]

12th July 2015

Can You Ever Really Forgive Someone?

Friendships, Relationships

Forgiveness isn’t about forgetting what happened, it’s about accepting reality and finding a way to live with it. I don’t think it matters who’s let you down in the past – best friend’s, parents, or ex partner; we will never be willing enough to forgive. The bottom line is we always put ourselves first. It sound’s […]

26th May 2015