20SomethingRuns: Marathon Training Update #5

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Last weeks Marathon training update wasn’t forgotten – it just didn’t happen. This wasn’t because of Christmas (okay, I took one day off to play with presents from Santa) – it was because I unfortunately came down with some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning which left me attached to my bed and the bathroom. I will not divulge any […]

6th January 2017

3 Resolutions To Help Me Achieve My Goals In 2017


Two Thousand and Seventeen is here, and we all know that means everyone is about to clog up the gym trying to kick their bad habits – and fair play to them! I am always setting myself goals to achieve throughout the year, however I too jump on the badwagon and set New Year resolutions. […]

2nd January 2017

Christmas Holiday Traditions


We all have that one thing that marks the start of Christmas for us. It could be buying an advent calendar; going out shopping with your mum or best friend on November payday or just seeing the infamous Coca-Cola advert. For me the latter usually seems to hit the nail on the head, as for […]

24th December 2016

Top 5 Free Calender’s for 2017!

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I love a free printable! What I love even more is free piniterest-worthy printable calendars. I can not explain how much I love to organise and plan my day, week, month and year. As it stands at the moment I have: – A one-week per page handbag sized diary. – A one-day per page A5 […]

14th December 2016

#20SomethingRuns: Week 2 Marathon Training

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I can’t believe another week has gone by and I’m already sitting here writing about running once again. This week has been fun – with my tonsillitis under control I’ve been able to turn up the training a notch with 5k runs during the week. If you wish to know how Sundays race went head […]

12th December 2016

Wagamama’s Winter Menu!

Food & Recipes, Lifestyle

Working with Voice Communications & Intu Lakeside is always full of perks – my favourite? Getting to try new Wagamama’s menus! I’ve mentioned before that Wagamama’s is one of my favourite restaurants, so will always blow their trumpet when I can. For me, Wagamama’s is always a treat because it’s rare that a) I get […]

4th December 2016

Take A Chill Pill


Taking time off can be a bugger. I’m not talking about taking time off work, because that’s always a blessing – I mean taking time off from everything else, including things we enjoy. Recently I was told by my GP to slow down and take some time off. In the moment, these words sounded like […]

22nd November 2016